Since 1994, 3iSolution has established its footprints in the Saudi Market as Information Technology "Systems’ Integrator". Our role is to enrich IT Solutions' Market with products and services put together to advance IT operations for various needs and purposes. With earned credentials of many successes, our horizontal reach grown much further to sustain operations comprising Contracting and Professional Services.

Customers & Partners:

We work closely with our customers and partners on basis that serves their best interests. Our solid adherence to our strategy baseline (Cost Saving & Performance Optimization) allows us to lead our field and sustain long term relations with our clients.


We strongly value our ethics and business principles in which we consider genuine part of our practice, in order to offer our stakeholders highly reliable and transparent monitory tools; we undertake segregated and decentralized management rules.


Working as a systems' integrator long enough has earned us such sizable experiences that have sharply refined our management, budgeting, load balancing capabilities and skills, thus we got driven towards contracting sector to take on major contracting projects with challenging tasks and have extended our area of expertise to cover several verticals. With vision to sustain our growth and continues development, we aim to lead promising initiatives and successful achievements in three major sectors:




Abdullrahman Qanzal

General Manager