ow Current & MEP Solutions:

Knowing critical mission operations, 3iSolution has developed carefully designed solutions for health sector based on international industry criteria:

  • Planning & Design:

  • Supporting Modern Technology.

  • Developing & Control Buildings Systems.

  • Creating Smart Environment.

  • Decreased Risk / Reduce Cost.

  • Increased Productivity / Flexibility.

  • Audit & Assessment.

  • Recovery & Risk Management


Information Technology:

  • IT architecture Design and Planning:

  • Develop and maintain processes of IT plans answering IT requirements

  • ​Implementation progress evaluation of all IT strategies and plans

  • Prioritizing technology services

  • ​Refining systems architecture

  • Systems Integration

  • ​Setting up research and development dynamics

  • Define IT grand strategy

  • Mapping / re-Mapping IT Resourcing

  • Assessment and Due diligence Solutions

Facility Management:

Offering total facility management framework that starts with property inspection and evaluation followed by budget study  that defines cost reduction areas:

  • Assessment:

    • Energy consumption analysis

    • Hygiene and safety audit

    • Legal and financial audit

  • Planning & management:

    • Periodic monitory reports

    • Tenant relation management & support

    • Financial and legal management

    • Security services

    • Maintenance services