AL MOKAWANAT INTL, UNITED CO. LTD., "3iSolution" is a technology aspired limited liability Company founded in 1994, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia by Saudi entrepreneurs. The foundation of 3iSoution encountered sensible comprehension of the economical evolution in Saudi Arabia and the region where information technology contributes significant roles. As the founders of 3iSolution experienced the very first introduction of information technology within the Saudi market, they have witnessed how IT operates among emerging markets counting many faces of complications, difficulties and obstacles, and concluded the primary key-success value of 3iSolution , which is introducing the concept of "Total Customer Care" that has many implications on Vendor – Client relationship, 3iSolution wanted to honor the concept of Solutions' provisioning in most pragmatic methodologies:

  • Single point of contact and responsibility.

  • Planning and forecasting customers' needs.

  • Added value services.

  • Power of Integration.

Our decentralized managed portfolios comprise:


    • Low Current Solutions

    • MEP Solutions

    • Supplies & Trading Services


    • IT Consulting Services

    • IT Infrastructure

    • Cloud Solutions

    • Security Solutions


    • Project Management Services

    • IT Consulting Services

    • Maintenance & Operation Services