About Us


AL MOKAWANAT INTL, UNITED CO. LTD., "3iSolution" is a technology aspired limited liability Company founded in 1994, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia by Saudi entrepreneurs. The foundation of 3iSoution encountered sensible comprehension of the economical evolution inside Saudi Arabia and the region where information technology contributes most significant roles. As the founders of 3iSolution experienced the very first introduction of information technology within the Saudi market, they have witnessed how IT operates among emerging markets counting many faces of complications, difficulties and obstacles, and concluded the primary key-success value of 3iSolution which is introducing the concept of "Total Customer Care" that has many implications on Vendor – Client relationship, 3iSolution wanted to honor the concept of Solutions' provisioning in most pragmatic methodologies:

  • Single point of contact and responsibility.

  • Planning and forecasting customers' needs.

  • Added value services.

  • Power of Integration.

Our decentralized managed portfolios comprise:


    • Low Current Solutions

    • MEP Solutions

    • Supplies & Trading


    • IT Advisory Services

    • IT Infrastructure

    • Cloud Computing

    • Security Solutions


    • Project Management Services

    • IT Advisory Services

    • Maintenance & Operation Services


Since 1994, 3iSolution has established its footprints in the Saudi Market as Information Technology "Systems’ Integrator". Our role is to enrich IT Solutions Market with products and services put together to advance IT operations for various needs and purposes. We work closely with our clients and partners on basis that serves their best interests by transforming their business goals into technology instruments and tools. Our solid adherence to our strategy baseline projecting the main and primary aspects of entire IT benefits (Cost Saving & Performance Optimization) allows us to lead our field and sustain long term relations with our clients. With vision to sustain our growth and continues development, we aim to lead promising initiatives and successful achievements in three major sectors:





3iSolution has formed its strategy since the beginning of its practice upon two primary dimensions (Cost Saving & Performance Optimization) this strategy has helped 3iSolution deliver successful technology solutions to hundreds of clients since 1994, 3iSolution made solid covenant throughout its operations to honor the following values:



We work thoroughly to allow end-users sense our personality throughout our provisioning, maintaining our qualities and sustaining our values is a challenging mission with no efforts to spare.


We value our stakeholders with great respect and appreciation for their contribution and support. 3isolution undertakes advanced and segregated business modeling offering our stakeholders effective finance dynamics.


3iSolution leverages stone strong relations with both local and global partners significantly contributing to our provisions. Our partnership strategy defines several means to form extended and most effective affiliations.


We realize our role and responsibility towards our planet, thus we capitalize on the (Green Technology) products and services.


Social contribution:

We believe that no success becomes worthy unless payback cycle is present, 3iSolution holds a vision for most vulnerable segment of our societies "Disable or handicap people".

Knowledge Sharing:

3iSolution develops several programs for knowledge sharing and skills transfer in aim to offer young calibers great opportunities to earn ground/field experiences.


Striving to evolve our major goals:

  • Capitalizing on customer relation and sustain our primary values

  • Enforcing knowledge grasp and continues development techniques

  • Extend our commercial and financial capabilities

  • Grow extended investment portfolios


Become trustworthy brand for Solutions' provisioning throughout the region and Building strategic affiliations to quantify extended and rewarding investment portfolios


  • Branding

  • Investment

  • Affiliations